50+ Freelancer: Work at Home or Travel the World

This is the perfect time to become the captain of your own ship and start a new life as an 50+ online freelancer.

Have you been thinking more and more about leaving your 9-to-5 job (or is it more like 8-to-6:30)?

Maybe you are already retired – or nearly there – but having a part-time income source would make life sweet.

Just imagine having the freedom to live your life the way you dream about it and earning the money you need to support it.

While it is common to feel it is “too late” to make a career change after you turn 50, the opposite is true today.

The average age of retirement is rising, the use of freelancers by companies is growing dramatically, and many people over 50 may have 20 to 30 years of working life ahead.

The First Wave of Freelancing in 2008 

When the economy crashed in 2008, employees who never considered changing jobs were let go at tens of thousands of companies. More than 2.6 million people lost their jobs in a single year.

The job market eventually rebounded after a few years and many people who wanted a job could find one. However, most of these new jobs barely paid enough to keep the mortgage paid and the family fed.

The ability to purchase a home, buy a second car or help the kids with college expenses was only a dream for most and just possible for a few families.

So many people struck out on their own to use online freelancing to earn income and start their own businesses.

COVID-19 is a game changer for business and 50+ freelancers

This brings us to today and the 2020 explosion of COVID-19. It fueled the loss of 20 - 25 million jobs in less than two months. It put many families into food lines for the first time. It also took a big cut out of most people’s savings and retirement funds.

It’s likely half of the those who lost their job will get rehired in a year or so, but things don’t look great for the other 50%. The reason is this pandemic forced businesses to overhaul their business plans and look at a freelance and remote workforce in a new way.

If you are person over the age of 50 who was let go during these times, it could be a long uphill climb to gain employment again. There is a “new normal” coming. While we don’t know exactly how it will look, companies will be slow to hire older employees again. This has always been true – and it feels even more true today.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, a growing number of people couldn’t earn enough to help put the kids through college or have a decent retirement.

How do you feel about your j-o-b?

So how about you? Has the desire to be your own boss been gnawing at your heart and soul?

Maybe you’ve hit a dead end in your corporate job. Do you hate the idea of facing even one more Monday with brain-numbing work after a long commute in stop-and-go traffic.  

A recent Gallup poll highlights the fact that nearly two-thirds of American workers are disengaged at work, or worse. Fifty-one percent of the country’s 100+ million full-time employees feel no real connection to their jobs and just do the bare minimum.

Another 16 percent are “actively disengaged” – they resent their jobs and actively gripe to co-workers.

While younger workers may be quick to make a change, many workers over the age of 50 fear they have is to “stick it out” until retirement (if they have that option).

If you feel like this, we’re guessing there is a pesky idea that keeps come back into your thoughts. You know, the one of a life with flexibility where your skills and abilities are used in a positive way.

Life as a 50+ freelancer creates flexibility and income

We’re talking about the ability to become the champion of your own life at long last. The chance to find a path that gives you more time with family and friends while accomplishing your financial and lifestyle desires.

You may simply be ready to head off into a full or partial retirement in the US or anywhere in the world your dreams lead you. You just need an income source to make all the pieces of your life fit. 

If you have any of these thoughts and feelings, give yourself the respect you deserve and find out which path is best for you.

When considering your options, we advise you to give some thought to the idea of online freelancing. It is a growing and positive way for someone with a skill to become self-employed and work with clients all over the US and the world.

We can guide you in your freelancer journey

We can tell you about the benefits of freelancing because we have lived it ourselves. Most of my professional life was in the marketing and advertising world., I would often strike out on my own and work as a marketing and copywriting freelancer in-between times working as an agency executive. Many of these years were before the internet was at the heart of business like it is today.

I then struck out to travel the world, learn all I could about online marketing and work as a freelancer full time. I have been doing this successfully for over seven years. My partner, Nina, made the decision to leave the corporate cubicle life over a decade ago and has had a thriving location independent business as a freelance marketer, blogger, Pinterest expert and course creator.

We know the highs and lows of the freelancer life and promise to guide you with honest information about this lifestyle opportunity.

What is freelancing?

Let’s start with what online freelancing is: At the core, online freelancing is about selling your own skills without ties to any one company. It gives you the freedom to use online job and project marketplaces to choose what, who, and how you want to work with your clients.

Freelancing can provide an ideal alternative if the concept of working for yourself appeals to you and you have skills needed by businesses.

Learning how to successfully freelance online is one of the quickest ways – and let’s be honest, one of the “real” ways to begin making money online.

It does not require a substantial investment or having to sell other people’s products to your friends and family. Those MLM days are so yesterday and they rarely worked.

You have a clear path to success if you have a skill in areas like writing, graphic design, or tech-related skills like website design and development, CAD drawing or computer programming.

In addition, many people are making substantial freelancing income in areas as diverse as your imagination can take you. It’s a long list and it will continue to grow.

"What kind of online freelancer work can I do?"

Well, let me tell you…

Most people in their 50s and 60s have worked for 30 or 40 years. They DO have skills that translate into a work-at-home or go-anywhere income.

We bet you do, too. It's simply a matter of thinking about what you know how—and like—to do in a new way.

And people in our age group were brought up to focus on the job at hand, show up on time, take responsibility and engage with others. These are valuable traits that not all younger online freelancers share.

Remember also that the age barriers we run into in the “normal” work world does not really exist online. All that counts is ability, providing value and delivering what you promise when you promised it.

What I want you to understand is that right now—as you read this—there are people making money as freelancers just down the road from you and around the world.

They're putting in a few hours a day (or a couple days a week or maybe a week or two per month) and not just earning, but enjoying themselves in the process.

Work from home or anywhere in the world as a 50+ freelancer. 

These 50+ freelancers are just like you who have transferred their experiences, skills and interests to earn an income online. Many of them are looking to own their own business and stay close to home. They may want to make life better for their family or fund a more stable retirement.

Some were floating around on cruise ships before COVID (and probably after as well). Some are touring the country in their RVs.

Some of them (like us) are living in their own version of paradise in the US and overseas. You could find yourself working and playing on a beach in southern Thailand, spending a few months of the year in sunny Mexico or visiting the wine fields in France.

This could be you…pocketing a few hundred or a few thousand dollars a month getting paid to do something you're qualified to do…

…and do it on your own terms, your own time, and your own schedule.

Freelancer opportunities are everywhere

What we’re talking about here is a way for you to take your skills as an independent worker, and market them to businesses on the global marketplace.

Really… there are more than 100 marketplaces where you can offer up the skills you have to folks eager to pay for what you can provide.

These marketplaces are called "freelance marketplaces or job/project networks" and they offer substantial opportunities.

They are essentially online clearinghouses for jobs and projects that need doing.

To clarify, we’re talking about all kinds of freelance opportunities, including these areas:

  • article writing
  • virtual admin support
  • social media
  • data entry
  • computer programming
  • website development
  • accounting
  • online teaching
  • content writing
  • online research
  • copywriting
  • technical writing
  • search engine optimization
  • legal research
  • event planning
    • ​coding
    • proofreading
    • business coaching
    • eBay selling
    • translation
    • resume writing
    • project management
    • financial forecasting
    • life coaching
    • business analysis
    • telephone handling
    • customer service
    • photography
    • market research

    ​​Really own your life as a freelancer

    As a freelancer, you will have the freedom to create a life that looks any way you want it to look.

    You won’t be stuck to a desk with your eyes trained on a time clock…or have to deal with a boss you don’t respect.

    You could start working from home and earning now or take that income with you if you decided to travel the world with your laptop.

    A freelance career can become your core business now and then even provide a full-or-part time income source in retirement.

    You could start it part-time while you continue at your job and build it to a point when you could leave your job comfortably. You could eat out more often, hire a housekeeper to cook and clean, buy a second car to make life easier or take longer and more relaxing vacations.  

    It could provide you the opportunity to retire years earlier than you thought you could.

    So, if you could have the freedom and flexibility of all those benefits…why wouldn't you?

    Your age and experience are a benefit – not a liability

    Now, you might be under the impression that working online is a young man’s or woman’s game…

    You probably believe you need a certain amount of tech knowledge…

    And you probably think you need certain kinds of skills that you don’t have.

    But this is NOT true at all.

    You see, freelancing is a special kind of opportunity available today that we’re willing to bet you are ideally qualified for.

    In fact, being over the age of 50 gives you an actual advantage.

    We believe this is an opportunity that could transform what your future looks like.

    Don’t wait too long to start your freelancer business 

    We all have those thoughts about a better life “someday.” You know the one you think about when you have to face the morning commute. The one you only share with your best friend.

    But for you… it could be your reality.

    You could be living—and funding—a life full of adventure and fun, full of travel and excitement.

    A life where you enjoy how you are spending your days. A life where you feel healthy and engaged and active.

    Before the Great Recession in 2008 and COVID-19, most people had to leave the house, drive in stalled traffic and go work in a concrete cubicle to earn a living.

    These two events have triggered two distinct waves of fundamental change in the way people can earn. The idea of freelancing and working from home or anywhere around the world took a giant step forward over the last decade.

    The growth of robotics and AI (artificial intelligence) combined with the sharp turn businesses had to make to keep employees connected during COVID-19 makes everything you think you know about business obsolete.

    It’s a new world with a new dynamic wave of change heading our way. Anyone who wants to become their own boss as a freelancer or consultant should look at riding the wave instead of letting it crash down on you.

    Freelancers will soon be at the heart of business 

    Here the truth - The term "freelancer" was sort of frowned upon outside of a few professions like journalist, copywriter, artist or graphic designer 10-20 years ago.

    People handling corporate hiring sometimes felt the person "didn't have a real job" or even associated freelancing with people who might be unreliable. The definition has evolved dramatically over time.

    So here we are in 2020. Companies are changing to online models and all the work that used to be done in-house still needs doing.

    A growing number of these businesses are turning to freelancers and remote workers to get the work done. This growth is just beginning.

    Business managers and owners understand working with a freelancer saves them money; reduces overhead and they have access to great talent when they need it.

    And it can make sense for you, too, because YOU can be that talent.

    Let’s wrap this up. How you feel about becoming a freelancer?

    Does any of this sound like you today?

    • Wishing you had more time to spend with friends and family
    • Sick of waking up to alarm clocks and rushing to work
    • Feeling like you never have the freedom to spread your wings
    • Wondering if you will be able to help the kids with college

    Would you rather look forward to this kind of life?

    • Spending quality time with family and friends
    • Saying goodbye to the daily commute to the office
    • Finally getting good at golf
    • Putting substantial money away for retirement
    • Finding joy and excitement in your work again
    • Earning what you are worth
    • Being your own boss
    • Paying off your home mortgage
    • Helping your children with college expenses
    • Upgrading to the car of your dreams
    • Retiring anywhere in the world

    Let’s take a productive and profitable journey together. How about it?

    We will show you a path toward greater financial rewards today and a retirement filled with the better things in life.

    No matter what you think, the odds are excellent you have the skills needed to use the internet to really take charge of your life.

    Are you ready to use them?

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