It’s never too late to change the course you’re on.

We are Erick and Nina. Very nice to meet you.

If you feel stuck in the life you are currently living, don’t worry. You are not alone.

We’ve certainly been in that place before and, to be honest, we still have to remind ourselves every day what is most important.

Dreaming is okay. Doing something about it is great.

We all feel stuck at some point in our lives. Spending time on play and adventure takes the back seat too easily when you’re living a “responsible” and busy life.

There’s no question taking care of family and paying the bills can make us feel like we are running on empty.

None of this is negative by itself. Most of us were brought up that way. But it becomes unhealthy to keep dreaming of your good life without taking any steps toward making it real.

That’s where we come in.

A bit about us:

I (Erick here) came to a crossroads in my life over six years ago when a marketing director contract ended. I had been feeling stuck emotionally and professionally for a few years. So at the age of 50-something I opened myself up to the universe of possibilities when this job came to a close.  

I was living in Oregon at the time and found myself confronted with the reality (not a surprise, really) that the usual employment opportunities for my skill set fit 30-something professionals better. They were raised with built-in knowledge about new online tools and trained in web marketing and social media skills that were in demand.

virtual assistant

Opportunities in my old stomping grounds in nearby states looked promising but, before I made a move either way, the universe stepped in. I received an opportunity to travel to Chiang Mai, Thailand to work as an “intern” with a world-renowned internet marketer.

This was a life changer in every way possible and I ended up serving as launch manager for an extremely successful online product launch. What I learned along the way was priceless and I fell in love with Northern Thailand and returned for another seven months.

virtual assistant working at home

At the end of this return visit I met the very smart and lovely Nina. She left the corporate rat race a few years earlier with a desire to work anywhere in the world. She ultimately became a “digital nomad” before the phrase became popular.

Her first critical step back then was to learn how to thrive in the new and expanding online world. And boy, did she.

Over the past decade she has successfully worked as a coach, course creator, blogger, digital product seller and Pinterest marketing expert.

Together we’ve helped build a number of successful blogs and websites and we’ve been hired to develop sales pages, automated emails and sales funnels in a number of niches.

There have also been substantial marketing plans and copywriting projects along the way.

Enough about us – does any of this sound like you today?

  • Wishing you had more time to spend with friends and family
  • Sick of waking up to alarm clocks and rushing to work
  • Feeling like you never have the freedom to spread your wings
  • Wondering if you’ll be able to help the kids with college

Would you rather look forward to this kind of life?

  • Spending quality time with family and friends
  • Saying goodbye to the daily commute to the office
  • Finally getting good at golf
  • Putting substantial money away for retirement
  • Finding joy and excitement in your work again
  • Earning what you are worth
  • Being your own boss
  • Paying off your home mortgage
  • Helping your children with college expenses
  • Upgrading to the car of your dreams
  • Retiring anywhere in the world

Let’s take a productive and profitable journey together. How about it?

We will show you a path toward greater financial rewards today and a retirement filled with the better things in life tomorrow.

No matter what you think, the odds are very good you have the skills needed to use the internet to really take charge of your life. Are you ready to use them?

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