Get your first freelance client in a week.

There is no better time to start your new life as an online 50+ freelancer.

We’ll show you how in a LIVE online workshop.

You already have the skills you need to start your freelance business. Yep, we’re talking about you! 

We’ll show you how to use them to get your first client.   

You’ve done tons of research and know freelancing is a hot topic.

But you are still overwhelmed with choices, options and opportunities, and spend days looking around and doing busy work, but getting nowhere. 

You’ve thought about freelancing - for way too long.

To freelance or not to freelance?… isn’t really the question any more. You already have ALL the skills needed to take action.

You don’t want to spend oodles of cash to get started. 

That’s good - you don’t need to break into your piggy bank - in spite of what most gurus say. Your first client is waiting just around the corner.

You just want to get your first client and grow your audience easily without having to get into “hustle” mode every day.

Here’s an idea.

What if you could get your freelancing questions answered and get moving forward by spending just ONE easy, helpful and LIVE hour with us?

Here's the deal about freelancing as we start heading into 2022. 

Your age is either a huge plus (If shared as a benefit) or absolutely not an issue online. Businesses of all sizes simply want solutions to their problems. 

Companies are using more and more freelancers in all areas of business. And company-supported remote working has grown dramatically.

Your freelancing opportunities have never been better. Are you ready to start working from home, a beach in Thailand or a café in Paris? 

Why not take the easy first step needed to find your path, decide your pace, grow your income and enjoy your freelance lifestyle?

The Freelance Success Formula

Step 1.

Get super clear on what you want out of your freelance business.

It all starts with you and what kind of freelance business you want to create. What is the topic you know well and can't wait to help clients with? This is key to choosing your ideal niche. 

Step 2.

Develop clarity on who you help and with what.

Get clear on who your ideal clients are and what their biggest pain points are. They will be looking for you to deliver solutions. Not next week or month - but right now. Once you nail this, marketing becomes easy!

Step 3.

Learn how to find your clients and the content needed to get them to respond. 

Focus your messaging and sales process to match your ideal client and the solution you can provide for them. Show you understand their business and their problems and match that with messaging on the right platform - and the world is your oyster!

Selling freelance services becomes easy once you nail a couple of critical items:

Your ideal clients + their biggest problem!

There are businesses out there looking for you and your freelance services right now. 


The Stand Out & Win Live Freelancing Workshop 

Get paid to help businesses with the skills you already possess.

Your Dream Freelancing Business

This is the week where are limits go out of the window and we dream big for you and your business. We'll set intentions and write 90-day letter to your future self when the program ends.

Your Niche & Ideal Client

 During this week we'll work on focusing on who is your ideal client and what problems they have. 

Business Planning

This week we'll start thinking about packaging your skills, expertise into a sellable program that people can't wait to sign up for.

Marketing & Visibility

How to confidently market and sell your program online and get people clicking your Call-to-Actions on social. This week we'll jump into the deep end and start using video in our marketing.

Must Do/Never Do Steps

This week we'll work on your sales process aka how to convert people from social media into clients without feeling overwhelmed and being in charge of the discovery call. We'll work on your Coaching Service page, questionnaire, booking app as well as the call itself. 

After our live webinar, you'll have clarity on...


The Freelance Opportunity

Freelancing opportunities have been growing by leaps and bounds over the past two years. Companies of all sizes have growing problems they can't handle internally. The pandemic has fundamentally changed how business operates and this is excellent news for your new freelancing business. 


Nailing Your Niche

It's important to be clear on who you want to 
serve and the skills you can provide to handle their problems. Get this right so you can develop a message they can't ignore. 


Landing Your First Client

Going after your first client can seem scary. But the right approach and clarity on the problem you can solve for them speeds up the process. 


How to Market for Momentum

Plan your areas of marketing focus and business goals that will take you to the level of success and income you desire. 

This is NOT another time-wasting video session that creates more questions than answers. 

This IS a LIVE one-hour workshop with time provided for Q&A. Let's come together and kick down the door stopping you from starting your freelance business.

Are you ready to launch your business, find your first clients, and set yourself up for success?

It's time for you to have more freedom, a great income, work fulfillment and more fun in life.

Your one hour live freelancing workshop with Q&A is only $27.   

It's a small price to pay to gain the confidence you need. 

The live workshop is November 23 at 6pm EST/ 3pm PST. 

Details will be heading your way within minutes. 

" Live webinars always deliver more benefit than those long video presentations. So let's meet and talk about your freelance business questions."

Hi, I'm Nina, nice to virtually meet you!

I'm your Freelancing Business Webinar Coach.

I'll be online to answer anything and everything that will help with your freelance business success. 

Let's chat to see if we can get you moving forward to build your dream business.

Still wondering about something...?

When does the progam start?

Next cohort starts in 6th December 2021 and runs 12-weeks (excluding Christmas week!)

What times are our calls?

I am based in Portugal and have our calls between 9am-6pm aka European business time. You can book suitable time from my calendar once you start.

Do I get 1-2-1 access to Nina?

Yes, yes and yes! You'll get my full attention on you and your business! Consider me as your BFF for the next 12-weeks. 

Can I really get clients with this program?

Yes, it is totally possible. The only thing I ask is that you are open to learn and work to find your perfect niche and program.

I don't have a website, is that a problem?

No, but would help a lot. It is important that you treat your coaching business a business and having domain, a website and business email are important.

Will this work for me?

Are you willing to work on you and your business with full focus for the next 12-weeks?

I can't guarantee results, nobody can, but I can guarantee you'll walk out of this program different you came in.

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